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e-Scholar is very easy to use. Just create questions, design test, assign test to the student and get the auto-generate graphical report.
Create Question-Bank
Create Question-Bank
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Create Your Tests
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Assign Tests
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Create beautiful exams and test for your students with easy to use cloud base online exam builder.
Question Bank

Question Bank

Making question papers for students is no more a tedious task for teachers. Our robust software comes with an easy-to-use question bank feature that allows to store bulk questions and assessments. And a teacher can segregate the accumulated questions as per the topic. It offers greater flexibility and storage efficiency without any hassle.

Graphical Reporting with Online Assessment Software

Graphical reporting

A turnkey software application that allows to see all kind of information in an immersive graphical visualization. This component helps teachers to configure charts and diagrams of different kinds to represent the complex information and improves engagement level.

Med/Engg/SSC/IIT theme with Online Examination Software

Med/Engg/SSC/IIT theme

By using this feature, teacher can give an exact look and feel of real exam centre to the students at the time of preparing them for Med/Engg/SSC/IIT exams before they sit down for exam. Also, this helps students to gain confidence on how to use the system allotted to them on the final day of Med/Engg/SSC/IIT examination centre.

Secure Exam Management Software


It is a one-of-its-kind solution with 100% security and hassle-free framework. All modules, question papers and data of this test preparation software application is fully protected with passwords against all kinds of unauthorised access.

Reorder Question with Online Exam Software

Reorder question

Now, a teacher can play with question orders by simply clicking on the Change Question Order icon and create different sets of question papers without any hassle. The feature allows to update multiple questions and all group to the desired position.

White Label & Branding with Exam Maker Software

White label & Branding

This powerful education software simplifies all your tasks related to engagement, white label and branding. It is easy to use and optimise all your branding efforts and create a long-lasting impact on students.


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