Why do we use it?

EScholar is such good platform to create online tests, a lot of test and privacy settings are available which keeps it more secure as well as easy & attractive to use. Various themes are there to create tests such GATE, MED, IIT, Professional, Default etc.


Once the admin will create category & instruction then he/she can create test. In the process of creating tests you can see in the left hand corner of the screenshot that the first step is to fill test info (test name, test duration, group, category, instruction, difficulty level & marks for the test, also one theme should to be selected in which the test will be created.

It is mandatory to fill all the details step by step.




e-Scholar is a unique, highly responsive platform which runs seamlessly on multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, smart phones and iOS. It has distinctive features which enhances the capabilities of online examination. The platform is easily configurable and comes pre-loaded with multiple integration. The assessments are highly accurate, organized and efficient, thus providing a unified and customized experience.

e-Scholar is the next generation of online examination platform embedded with an easy-to-use interface. It facilitates customized results and allows the creation of multiple reports that highlight improvement areas through interactive charts and data distribution. It helps in identifying the areas of improvement for trainer/trainee.


This screenshot you will get for category creation and all the categories which have been created already will be showing on this page only. As you can see in the screenshot there’s blue button for adding test category, once admin will click on that button he/she will get a pop-up as same as showing in the screenshot, there admin can add category name and click on save button to finish the process.




This page will appear after clicking on instructions under the heading of manage test, what so ever instructions has been added will be showing on this page. For adding new instruction admin has to click on the add instructions on the top of the right hand corner.



Once the admin will click on add instruction button he/she will get a pop-up as same as showing in the screenshot. You can see two blocks are showing there, thus as per the pop-up admin has to fill instruction name firstly, then the description in the second box and also admin can use formatting style, alignment etc as you can see various options are available for that. Then admin has to save it at the end of the process.

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